Studies show that pain is one of the main reasons people refrain from regularly checking their blood glucose. 

Eureka Medical Devices  offers a new and innovative design D.R.E.A.M.S.™   Diabetic Relieve Enclosed Automatic Monitoring Systems  - PAIN FREE collection device  that converts inexpensive lancing device  into vacuum assisted,  that is pain free when drawing blood for glucose monitoring ,  data collection, transfer, track  and management .  DREAMS™    has been carefully designed and is proven to be the pain free device for daily diabetic glucose checks. 


Our technology utilizes the principal of lancing device, with a variable vacuum option to avoid the painful pricking of a finger.  DREAMS™  equipped lancing device provides minimal needed skin penetration without any significant discomfort to the patient. 

Clinical Advantages

  1. Pain free glucose testing
  2. Increase of proper glucose data for more accurate treatment
  3. Mental comfort
  4. Easy application and use 
  5. Competitive Cost Effective Market Price